Service Dog Trainers in Alaska

There are a number of quality service dog trainers in Alaska. Alaska Assistance Dogs trainers all trained with Dr. Bonnie Bergin, the acknowledged founder of the service dog concept (not guide dogs). Bonnie set the national standards, created Canine Companions for Independence, Assistance Dog Institute, and currently provides education and training through the Bergin University of Canine Studies, a fully accredited 4-year college. Dr. Bergin has been teacher, mentor and provided wonderful puppies with excellent lineage, temperament and amazing training during their first 8 weeks of life.

With so many poorly trained and literally faked service dogs in public places today, it is critical to find a trainer that thoroughly understands the individual’s needs and will train the service dog team in every public venue possible. To produce a calm and intuitive service dog and a knowledgeable owner, the team needs to work together regularly with a trainer during the bonding process and public training.

First, Dr. Bergin-trained trainers:

1. Ashlee McDougall of Pinnacle Canine Services, LLC, Big Lake, AK. Website:  Facebook: Active. Email: Phone: 907 841-1447.

2. Ellis Gugel of Canine Psychological Counseling, LLC, Wasilla, AK. Website: Email: Phone: 907 892-2966.

3. Nathan Collin (and co-founder Betsey Jacobs) of The Other Paw Assistance Dogs (TOPAD), Fairbanks, AK. Website: Email: Facebook: Active. Phone: 877 229-7329.

  1. 229-7329