What is a Mobility Service Dog?

Mobility Service Dogs aid in the independence of people who have trouble standing, walking or need to use a wheelchair.  Mobility Service Dogs are a valuable asset to
their handler because they decrease the dependence on other people. These service dogs greatly assist their handler’s gate and balance while walking. If their handler falls, the service dogs will brace them to help them stand.

Ways that Mobility Service Dogs assist their handlers:

 Find items

  • Turn lights off and on
  • Larger breeds can pull a wheelchair
  • Bring items
  • Retrieve dropped items
  • Help you with the laundry
  • Open Doors
  • Hit a life line button for help
  • Carry items in a dog backpack
  • Locate someone if help is needed
  • Assist with dressing and undressing

These are just a few of the items a service dog can perform.  Your service
dog’s skills can be tailored to fit your needs.