Comments about our programs with teens.



“(Training) really helped me with my confidence and now I can speak in front of people better.” K


“Training Service Dogs helped me see my talents.  It taught me teamwork and patience, and it was fun!” J




“Unconditional love, Emotional strength / support, Increased Self-confidence, Increased sensitivity to others” M


“Social confidence, Gives purpose and responsibility, Independence” N




“Some of the students have a hard time giving and receiving affection.  However, the students hug, snuggle, and love on the dogs.”


“The training process has helped her reflect emotion in her voice when praising the dog.  Her voice has energy and show genuine positive feelings toward the dog.”


“Leadership is a quality that I see during dog training.  It is particularly interesting to see a student who is withdrawn or quiet take on a strong role among their peers.”


“Increased cooperation with others and teamwork.  Engaging with different peers in a cooperative manner.”


“Brodie helps calm children at school when they are upset.” L